Jockey Club Augmented Reality in Arts Education Project (“the Project”) offers students and teachers in Hong Kong a unique interdisciplinary education programme that integrates the four pillars of art, culture, technology, and history.
In collaboration with four higher education institutions, the Project is funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and organised by Osage Art Foundation. The Project will run for two years with each year engaging eight Hong Kong secondary schools selected through open-call application. At the end of the first year’s project, an exhibition will be held in Tai Kwun. The Project will allow students and teachers to partake in augmented reality STEAM education.


Capacity Building of Youths 

Digital literacy 

/ Develop soft skills and understanding of ethics and values

/ Encourage the conscious use of technology

/ To cultivate empathy and enhance senses and sensibilities

/ To use new information and technology for the production of interdisciplinary art projects.

/ To share new knowledge with the community through public art projects

/ Raise awareness of new information and technology for the benefit of the community.


Heritage Revitalisation 

/ To promote appreciation of lost valuable heritage

/ To research historical and cultural references, finding links between history, the present, and the future.

/ To document Hong Kong’s heritage and create an archive for its cultural future.


This project is inspired by Masaki Fujihata’s augmented reality public art project HKACT! Act 1 BeHere (2018).




All the content of works is independently produced by the organiser/creative team and does not reflect the views or opinions of the Project nor the Funder.

About BeHere


HKACT! Act 1 BeHere an augmented reality (AR) project in Wan Chai created by the visionary new media artist Masaki Fujihata in 2018. The project invites audiences to interact with AR models spread over 10 locations in Wan Chai through their smartphones. They are able to compose their family and friends into the frame of the virtual and the real and share the photos onto social media.
Fujihata took references from photographs of 1940s-1970s Hong Kong. In order to better understand the meaning behind each image, the artist conducted further research through oral interviews with local elderly residents. Based on their stories, Fujihata directed actors to reimagine and recreate the scenes by using photogrammetry with 70 interlinked cameras. The snapshots are then transformed into 3D data for the AR experience.
HKACT! Act 1 BeHere is presented by the Tourism Commission, commissioned by Design District Hong Kong, organised by Hong Kong Design Centre, and produced by Osage Art Foundation.
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